I don’t believe God is… Part 2

Hateful to Her enemies: She does not kill those who disagree with Her, She is not opposed by any power. How can an Omnipotent God have any enemies? Many people don’t believe in God based on this one misused assumption, that an omnipotent God could end all the “evil” in the world but for some reason refuses to do so. Of course this is a ruse, attempting to misdirect us into believing it’s the Deities responsibility to do so. On the contrary it is up to us to end evil in this world, starting in our own hearts. It is we who have made our own enemies and our own hate. It is up to us to take measures to lay down our swords.

Sectarian, on anyone’s side, a cheerleader, or nationalistic: God does not care one whit about our personal agenda. God does not care who wins or looses, this is an ego trip used by ego based people to attract followers and give themselves an artificial divine mandate to allow and commit atrocities. I’m not talking solely about the “big” evils people commit because a group acts based on the hearts and minds of insecure and fearful members—the entire human race—looking for justification and support to hate ones enemies. Might does not make right and the victors of any conflict many times in a matter of decades become just like the defeated foes. We are already seeing the seeds of dictatorship being planted in the US. This tree is already blooming in the very hearts and minds of power hungry leaders.

despotic, genocidal, or a destroyer: How many people would you have destroy to make you happy. There are not enough people alive today for this to be so. How many people would God have to destroy for him to be at peace. How can people even desire a God who would do this or even dream of a blessed time in eternity built on the corpses of billions and billions slain by a tyrant and suffering for eternity. Would one even feel safe under such a ruler?

one to send people to hell, heaven or anywhere in between, petty, or jealous: the destroyer God would only destroy the body, which She would not do, neither would She require continued destruction and torment of the spiritual body after She has destroyed our physical bodies. The thought of such a deity is extremely chilling to our spirits a terrifying foreboding upon the human race. Fearful, tortured people are more apt to inflict atrocities in this world and the next.

a slave holder, taking prisoners, on a power trip, would require anyone to be subservient to Her: any requirement of subservience produces fake worship, fake love and fake service. Taking away someones free will only produces hatred, fear and a constant looking for a way out. Nothing happens in such a situation such as this, except destroy the spirit and imprisons both prisoners and jailers.

an ego, She has nothing to prove to anyone, bestowing blessings or curses to anyone or play favorites: What is the “ego?” Psychologically it is how humans learn to live in this world. As we grow we learn how to differentiate ourselves form others and form an identity as a separate person. We gather data from our families, neighbors and the general culture of our society at large. We learn the means to survive as psychological and physical beings. We pick up on the survival strategies of those around us. This process forms a very thin facade between our inner being and the world at large. Even if we don’t know much about the inner life we are aware we need love, acceptance, approval, family and peers to support us in this place we find ourselves. All this results in a “self image,” a facade we present to the world that we call ME. This is who I am. Then we set about doing everything we can to protect the facade and rarely, only on special occasions, will we let anyone in. We build defenses as strong as we can and the more allies we enlist in a mutual band of brothers and sisters the safer we feel. The ego and it’s defense mechanisms, even though very week, are defended with the very thing we are trying to protect, our physical life, and many times we go so far as to take another life, preferably the later.

What is important to know about the ego is we made it up. It is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Even though we believe this story with every fiber of our being in the deepest parts we feel the angst of our vulnerability. Hence the continued need for defenses. We set laws for our selves and others to protect us. Many times we join a group and adopt it’s ego and revel in the joining and protection, i.e., approval from this community of like minded others. We become enlisted as much as we enlist them in a mutual band of protection. However the same dynamic plays out as mentioned above but now with the sanction of others. We become willing to give up our lives for “them” or kill for the “good” cause.


Only the body can be killed, which is rather ironic since it is not alive at all. There is no life in our physical bodies it is just a mud façade.

By David Weisbach

My passion is spiritual growth, reading about those topics, insights and application of principles. My influences are varied: books and experiences gathered along my journey over the last six decades. I've journeyed through Christian fundamentalism, hedonism, Zen Buddhism, New age thought, Science of Mind, Swedenborg, and now settled down to a world that works for everyone. All of us need everyone all the time. I also I love photography see my work on flicker and Fine Art America Flicker: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dhwlighting/ Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/david-weisbach?tab=artwork

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