In the world of duality there is no safety. This is the world where we all live, the world system we are born and indoctrinated into. The world where good and bad continually battle each for supremacy. In this battle there is only fear, because one day “it” might happen to you, whatever the “it” is for you, just fill in the blank.

This is the world we are to learn to leave. Our safety lies elsewhere. There is no safety for the body in this world or anything we’ve created to “make us safe”. It seems strange to say in this world of constant change the only constant is impermanence. Deep down in our souls we feel the angst of this conundrum even if we don’t consciously acknowledge it, it is always there gnawing away at our psyche.

Our safety lies elsewhere. Not bodily safety, it too is a created vessel and never meant to last. Our safety can only be found in the Oneness of the Omnipresent Being we call God. If you define this being as ALL Good but allows the existence of a “real” evil you still have not left the world of duality.

This is not a Swiss cheese God who may be everywhere but not in that person or event. This Omnipresent Life must be totally and without exception Everywhere present at ALL times. And this ALL present Goodness is beyond good and evil. Beyond all dualities. In fact it is so all-encompassing Good that it can only to see itself. All the evil we see is unreal and non-existent imaginings of those of us (all of us) living in the spirit of the age which is God AND something else.

“I have nothing that does not come from God. The difference between us now is that I have nothing else. This leaves me in a state which is only potential in you.” Jesus, from ACOL 1.II.3:11-13

“…and those that use this world, as not using it as their own, for the fashion of this world passes away.”  Paul in, 1 Cor.7:31

Yes we are here within the mindset of the world system. We have use for what we have made but our dependence on our meager creations to keep us safe and lack of acknowledgement of the Only Safety there is are what keeps us in the mindset of the world. This is the “fashion of the world.”

By David Weisbach

My passion is spiritual growth, reading about those topics, insights and application of principles. My influences are varied: books and experiences gathered along my journey over the last six decades. I've journeyed through Christian fundamentalism, hedonism, Zen Buddhism, New age thought, Science of Mind, Swedenborg, and now settled down to a world that works for everyone. All of us need everyone all the time. I also I love photography see my work on flicker and Fine Art America Flicker: Fine Art America:

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